Marc Moskowitz

I guess I don't update this page very often. Here goes.

Info about me

I am a graduate of Carleton College where I majored in Latin. I am a Unitarian Universalist, a Taoist, and an occasional Discordian. I sometimes wear a winged squid around my neck.

People I know

First on the list is Becca Pratt Moskowitz, my wife, who is not a geek, despite the fact that she now has a web page. My brother, Denis Moskowitz, is definitely a geek. He's more well-known on the web than I am, but I have the edge among Latin speakers. I live at the Freak House with Becca, Deborah Kaplan, Allen Petersen, and our cats, Trolley, Aditu, Crowley, and Klaus. Among other good friends of mine are: Jason Goodman, Jessica Hekman, Mary Agner, and Lance Nathan.


My major project right now is writing poetry in Latin.
I created the Ancient Discordian Deck (Second Version).
I submitted an entry to the5K for 2001.

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