Poesis Latina Ab Asad Jaleel Scripta
Latin Poetry by Asad Jaleel

Amor est Bellum

Ignis in corde incipit
Cupido sine nomine sine fine
Carmen dulce in labia ludant
Oculi clara flamma fulgent
Rogas quae dementia est ea
Potest facere amor rationem caecum
Ligit solvit frangit munit
Magistrum facit aut servum
Non est media terra in amore neque bello
10  Aut Aeneas es navigans in placida aqua
Aut Dido es incendens cum ferro sanguinis

Love is War

It begins as a fire in the heart
A desire without a name, without an end
A sweet song plays upon the lips
The eyes glow with a bright flame
You ask, "What is this madness?"
Love can blind reason
It binds, it loosens; it breaks, it builds
It makes one master or slave
There is no middle ground in love nor in war
10  Either you are Aeneas, sailing on the tranquil water,
Or you are Dido, burning with a sword of blood.

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