Fanfiction Recs

These are mostly pairing-based, slash, and mostly Jossverse. There are some recs left over from other fandoms when the stories were so good I kept the bookmarks when I left the fandom. And most of these are stories you've read -- because there's no way you're reading anything on my site if you haven't heard of these people. Yes, that's right, I rec BNFs. You know what? They're BNFs for a reason: they write fucking awesome fiction.

Buffy and Angel

Favourite authors and stories

Mad Poetess. My introduction to the fandom, and still one of my faves. Also my first Internet crush. I would fall on my knees and worship her with chocolate and smut except there's a really long line. She specializes in Spike/Xander and has a number of fantastic short pieces, as well as the funny, sad, smutty, thoughtful, perfect voices, unfinished Spike/Xander (post BtVS season 4) epic Chocolatey Goodness which was my introduction to the fandom. With Wolfling she's written Paving Stones, a gorgeously sad and snarky look at Spike and Giles after BtVS season 5, which made me believe in what I thought was an unbelievable pairing. Possibly some of the best-written BtVS slash I've ever read, in terms of character, writing style, smut, and believability. Wolfling, by the way, co-wrote The Sands of Time with James Walkswithwind, a story I rec because I like it even though, if I judged by my expectations, I wouldn't. It contains several things I insist I don't like in Buffy fanfic: cuddly Giles; super-Xander; Xander falling for evil, unchipped, still-killing-people Spike -- but this Xander epic (contains Spike/Xander but the pairing is only the focus of the most recent section; mostly it's just about Xander) still gets me every time, and makes those elements work for me. When I need a hurt/comfort fix, this is where I like to get it. James is now writing stories I love in fandoms for which I don't know the source material, so I feel unqualified to rec them; I like 'em, though. Coming full circle, James Walkswithwind and the Mad Poetess have co-written many, many stories, including the fantastic series Domestic Piranhas (Spike/Xander, Wes/Angel/Gunn, silliness, humor, smut, and romance a-go-go) and Small Fries (with S/X and Gunn/Wes, but mostly just adorable and silly), as well as the story Wesley Rogue Demon, which fulfills some of my weird characterization kinks. I could go on, but just follow the author links and play yourself.

Glossolalia. Mostly Oz/Giles, some Spike/Xander. The language, the mood, the intelligence, are all incredible. More worship. Just read it all. How many ways do I adore her series "Nice Shirt? To wit: I have a hankering for good fanfic that never contradicts canon (as of the time it was written, anyway), and this Oz / Xander relationship manages to pair the boys up repeatedly through the course of the series within the bounds of canon; it's almost impossible to write good Oz POV without losing his characterization or turning him into an "Earshot"-esque parody of himself, yet Gloss suceeds; it's great to see fic that doesn't think sexuality always needs to be resolved by penetration, or even orgasm, but that prioritizes friendship.

Foxlet is amazing. She has a knack for voice; her River is particularly good, which might say something worrying about her state of mind were it not that she also has an excellent Emily Gregory. Also Foxlet writes good YA lit fanfic, which makes me squirm with happiness. Because most YA fanfic that I've read is about pairings, and not about the characters and where their lives would go next, let alone about keeping to the author's original voice.

Yahtzee. I don't know from Alias, but her BtVS/AtS fiction is brilliant and well-crafted. Rarely slashy -- rarely sexual -- but plot driven and lovely.


Better Buffy Slash. I don't love everything on here, but it's a good place to start.

Other fandoms

Torch's X-Files novels Ghosts and Lovers. I never even watched X-Files, but these are brilliant.

The long-closed Sith Academy, spun off from Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, with Darth Maul and Obi-Wan living in the same aparment complex. Silly, ridiculous, and eventually smutty. Sibhan's playpen, but lots of people came to help. I wish I could link to the spin-off series "Hell", but it's long since lost its home on the Internet. *sigh*