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Denis's Vinyl Collection

My Vinyl Collection

If you want to know what I have on vinyl, and you have access to a machine running Perl, you're in luck. (You're also probably pretty bored, or maybe just nosy, but that's OK.) I've put all my albums into a database, and I wrote a little navigation program for it too. Just copy all the files in this directory to your home machine, rename the _pl.txt files to .pl, and run (by typing perl Enjoy!
You can also get a list of all albums, which is linked into a CGI script for navigating the database. So you don't even have to do all that downloading. I'll warn you, though, that when I add functionality, I'll do it to the program first, then later add to the cgi script when I get free time at work. You can also take a look at the code for the cgi script.
Disclaimer: I wrote this for Perl 4.036 for MS-DOS. It seems to work in other Perl environments, but no guarantees. It shouldn't do any damage tho.
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