(Teenagers from Outer Space)

TFOS is a way cool role-playing game published by R. Talsorian Games. It is now, thank goodness, back in print!

The basic premise is:

  1. Aliens discover Earth
  2. Earth turns out to be the only planet with any sort of teen culture
  3. Lots of alien teens pour onto the planet to have fun
  4. Alien and human teenagers run amuck on Earth
The rules are about as simple as possible, and it's very supportive of wackiness, making it an ideal game for those who aren't big RPG types to have a little fun with, and for those who are to relax a bit.

I've been a GM for 4 separate campaigns of TFOS characters now. Each campaign has used characters from the previous campaign as NPCs, a practice I heartily recommend. Next time I think of it, I'll try to put some of the stars from each campaign up on campaign pages.

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