Representative Rikchik Names

Here is a list of rikchik names that have been used in the past. I don't recommend necessarily using one of these, but this should give you an idea of the kind of names that are common. These names are all in translated format: that is, "Sky-Watcher" instead of "Sky-Patient-N-0 Eye-Quality-N-1 Rikchik-End-R-1". Some information about the name is lost this way but it is much more legible. Another source of names is to use human names and translate them. For instance, my name, "Denis", comes from "Dionysus", Greek god of happiness. From that, I get the rikchik name "Happy-God", or "Happy-Result-N-0 God-Quality-N-1 Human-End-R-1", or "the human called 'god that produces happiness'".