(copied from GURPS Basic & GURPS Compendium I)
No Depth Perception:
You have a -1 DX penalty on combat or hand-eye coordination tasks, and a -3 DX penalty on missile weapons, thrown objects, and driving anything faster than a pulled cart.
You can hear nothing. Any information you recieve must be communicated in writing or through sign language.
Reduced Move -2:
You move 2 yards/second slower than a human with your DX and HT.
Less Peripheral Vision:
You can see a 120-degree arc in front of you (as opposed to a human's 180).
Dependency (Humidity or Daily Shower):
You require a daily shower or a humid environment. Without it, you weaken and die! Lose 1 HT per hour after 1 day of being dry.
You require about 1/3 the food that an equivalent warm-blooded creature would. While less subject to actual damage from high and low body temperatures (+2 on rolls to avoid hypothermia or dehydration), you tend to "stiffen up" in cold weather. After a half-hour spent in cold conditions, Speed and DX drop by one point each for each 10 degrees below 65 degrees. At temperatures below 32 degrees, you must roll vs. HT or take 1 hit of damage. Warm clothing allows a +2 bonus to the roll. Lost Speed and DX are regained at a rate of 1 point each per hour once you return to a warm climate; this rate is doubled in an exceptionally warm environment.
Chummy creatures work well together and seek out company. You react at +2 to everybody. When alone, you are very unhappy and distracted, and suffer a -1 IQ penalty when using Mental skills.
You are naturally very inquisitive. When you are presented with an interesting item or situation, you must roll vs. IQ to avoid examining it, even if you know it will be dangerous. This is not the curiosity that affects all PCs ("What's in that cave? Where did the UFO come from?") but the real thing ("What happens if I push this button?"). You will push buttons, open doors, unwrap presents, and generally do everything in your power to investigate any situation with which you aren't 100% familiar. And, when faced with a real mystery, you simply may not turn your back on it. You rationalize your curiosity to others who try to talk you out of it. Common Sense won't help -- you know you are taking a risk, but you're curious anyway!
You are instinctively fascinated and attracted by strangers and aliens.
You have a +1 on reaction rolls and Fright Checks when meeting strange creatures.
You are able to imagine the feelings and motivations of others, although whether you care about them depends on other factors.
You tend to stick to one task until it's done. You get a +1 bonus when working on lengthy tasks, but -1 to notice any important interruption!
Cannot Swim:
You are unable to swim for physiological reasons.
Cannot Eat any Meat:
You are unable to eat meat for physiological reasons. Any kind of meat product will cause sickness; other animal products (milk, etc.) are not necessarily poisonous but are (to most rikchiks) disgusting.