Character Options

Social Status in Two-Suns

Singles have a -1 reaction penalty (Social Stigma: second-class citizen) from non-singles.

Jobs by Education

Free temple classes:
Paid schooling:

Jobs by Wealth Level

Poor jobs:
Struggling jobs:
Average jobs:
Comfortable jobs:
Wealthy jobs:

Rikchik Economics

In the free temple classes, a young rikchik is exposed to many options in order to find out what it is best suited for. When it becomes an adult, it does what it's best at and ideally gets paid.

If a rikchik is in a family group or living with its parent and/or contributors, it contributes its pay into a common fund that is repaid equally and used for the family's benefit. (Housekeeping, feeding, and other intra-family jobs are done by those with time to do them, by family decision.)

If a rikchik is staying at a temple of Home as a traveler, they share a percentage of their pay with the temple. Food is available from a temple of Fruit for such rikchiks, also for a percentage of pay.

Working groups that provide dorms (such as temples and the army) will also have a pay-sharing system in place.

Temples exchange abilities with each other: for instance, the temple of Fruit will provide food to the temple of Fight, which will provide door guards in return.

The government receives revenue by taxing temples and families. Note that singles are not directly taxed.