Rikchik units of measurement

Numbers in parentheses are base 7.


name original meaning relation human equivalent
Blade width of grass blade 9.5 in 24 cm
Reach length of tentacle 7 (10) Blades 5.5 ft 1.6 m
Throw range of thrown rock 21 (30) Reaches 39 yd 35 m
Walk a day's walk 1372 (4000) Throws 30 miles 48 km


Rikchiks measure area in circles. A circled reach is the area of a circle with a 1-reach diameter.

name human equivalent
Circled Blade 43 in2 278 cm2
Circled Reach 24 ft2 2.2 m2
Circled Throw 1164 yd2 971 m2
Circled Walk 708 miles2 1832 km2


name original meaning relation human equivalent
Fruit the weight of the average rock-fruit 19 oz 0.5 kg
Work a comfortable load for a strong rikchik 98 (200) Fruits 116 lb 53 kg


name namerelationhuman equivalent note
2.4 Earth seconds These three are derived from the length of the day. Seconds were historically measured by a pebble-clock (a fast, calibrated hourglass), minutes by a water-clock, and hours with a candle.
49 (100) Seconds118 Earth seconds
49 (100) Minutes96 Earth minutes
14 (20) Hours22.46 Earth hours One rotation of the planet (that is, one planetary day). Days start at sunrise and consist of seven "Bright" hours and seven "Dark" hours.
7 (10) days6.5 Earth days The days of the week are Sun-day, Sky-day, Tree-day, Grass-day, Water-day, Rock-day, and Fire-day.
23 (32) days21.5 Earth days There are 3 seasons of 7 blocks each.
21 (30) blocks,
or 483 (1260) days
1.24 Earth years The year begins at the spring solstice. A weekless, blockless leap day is added every 19 years.
64 or 65 years
(121 or 122)
80 Earth years One orbit of Alpha Centauri B.
3 of 7 cycles are 64 years long.
great cycle
7 (10) cycles,
or 472 (1243) years
560 Earth yearsThe first great cycle began in 715 BCE.

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