The Rikchik Relations Diagram


This diagram shows the parts of an action, and serves as a mnemonic for the rikchik relation symbols. In left-to-right order, they are:

For the basic noun-to-verb relation, these would tag the nouns and the verb would collect them.

As an example, the sentence on the right side of this page uses all of these to say, "A rikchik happily moves a human from a home to a tree using water" or, more literally, "Rikchik, from home, using water, in happy way, toward tree, human, moves."

Not every relation is meaningful to every action, and these are used in connections that are not noun-to-verb, but this is the basic meaning of each.

This covers all the primary relations but two: these are:

The reciprocal relations are not used as often: their meaning is that of the main diagram relations (except Instrument, which has no reciprocal) but with the roles of the collected and collecting word reversed. They are written as a horizontal flip of their originals. In addition, Includes has a reciprocal that is written as a vertical flip.
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