Animals of RK2

Here are some of the notable animal species of Rigil Kentaurus 2.

Land Animals

Rikchik Rikchik Ilpes sapiens
Rikchiks are the sole sapient species of RK2. A rikchik has a spherical globe as its body, which features a single forward-facing eye and a ventral mouth. 49 tentacles are arranged on the bottom of the globe, 7 of which are a lighter color and a shorter length and are used for speaking. The remaining 42 are used for both locomotion and manipulation. The skin of a rikchik is a dark-to-medium green. They are gathering herbivores and mineral eaters.

Chimp Ilpes arborealis
The chimp is a forest dwelling creature that is a close evolutionary relative to rikchiks. It resembles a rikchik, but has a non-spherical, mushroomish globe. It primarily eats fruits, nuts, and small rocks.

Beast Glaebifer vastitaticolus
The lumpy-beast is a mountain/forest creature that resembles a lumpy globe with a tentacle coming out of each lump (98 tentacles total), with a single forward-facing eye and a rear-facing mouth. It primarily eats fruits, leaves, insects, and rocks.

Lesser Roller Sphaera minor
Roller Sphaera sphaera
Greater Roller Sphaera major
Rollers are distant relatives of the lumpy-beast. They are spherical, with 98 small tentacles all over their body. Rollers come in three sizes: the rodent-sized lesser rollers (Small-Quality-N-0 Roller-End-R-1), who eat grass and pebbles in the forests and grasslands; the rikchik-sized rollers, who eat grass, bushes, and rocks in the grasslands; and the mammoth-sized greater rollers (Big-Quality-N-0 Roller-End-R-1), who eat trees and boulders in grasslands, forests, canyons, and foothills.

Bouncer ??? ???
The bouncer is a carnivore which has a long body ending in a mouth, a eye on a finlike appendage above the body, six powerful straight jumping legs, and a flat tail it uses for guidance. It hunts in the grasslands and lower mountains.

Hopper ??? ???
The hopper is a smaller relative of the bouncer. It is a carnivore specifically evolved to prey on sky-fish by puncturing them with its long spike. It hides in trees to hunt, but can also subsist on insects and leaves if sky-fish are scarce.

Crawler ??? ???
The grass-crawler has a small body with a front-facing mouth, seven long, flat legs, and an eye on a very long stalk that allows it to see over the tall grasses that it lives in. It hunts lesser rollers and other small animals.

Toddler ??? ???
A toddler is a small animal with a simple body supported by seven spindly legs, a front-mounted mouth, and an eye on a stalk.

Water Animals

Fish ??? ???
Fish is a general term for a family of similar-looking sea and water creatures. They all have a flattish, conical head/body, which bears a forward-facing eye and a downward-facing mouth, which is surrounded by extremely strong dangling tentacles. Fish have control over their buoyancy, like a submarine. Fish eat sea plants, minerals, and small water animals. They are representatives of the most primitive animals on the rikchik homeworld to be able to eat minerals.

Pulser ??? ???
Pulsers are small ocean animals with a mouth at one end, an eye at the other, and nothing much in between. They wriggle through water with a pulsing motion. They are commonly believed to be some of the most primitive animals on the planet.

Water Toddler ??? ???
A more primitive relative of the toddler, the water-toddler is a small animal with a simple body supported by seven spindly legs, a bottom-mounted mouth, and an eye on a stalk.

Crab ??? ???
Crabs are small water animals that have a top-mounted eye, a bottom-mounted mouth, and seven small, stubby legs surrounding the mouth.

Air Animals

Insect ??? ???
Miscellaneous small annoying animals. None have wings, though a few can glide on leaves or are naturally buoyant. The word for Insect is a pun on the word for Spot, replacing the circles which resemble the Form for inanimate objects with the Form for animate objects.

Sky-Fish ??? ???
A relative of the fish is the "sky-fish" which is a large animal that resembles a hot-air balloon. It floats in the sky, mostly living on insects, and occasionally drifting down to eat foliage and gnaw on mountain peaks.