Rikchik notes

Capitalizing "rikchik"
The word "rikchik" is not capitalized in this work. This is because "human" is not capitalized. Since the rikchiks treat their word for human no differently than their word for rikchik, I figured it would be only polite to return the favor.
Rikchiks are very seven based: they have sevens like humans have fives. The rikchik language has a word for seven, but to actually talk about seven things, the words 1 and 0 are usually used instead (as they have a base-seven number system). In normal speech, "seven" tends to mean "many". "Seven sevens" is "very many".
The "Scholastic" collector
The scholastic collector, which collects all 0-collecting words immediately preceding it, gets its name from rikchik family forms. It is very rare for a rikchik to give birth to more than two children (though a rikchik may contribute to more: rikchiks are not gendered), so a rikchik that has many children around it is probably a teacher, not a parent. From this, the collector allowing collection of large numbers of non-collecting words took on the name "scholastic" since it is a full-grown word taking care of many little words.

dmm 07Jul1997