Rikchik Numbers

Separate from the words for numbers, rikchiks have numerals - non-word symbols for numbers.
Rikchik Numeral Zero One Two Three Four Five Seven
Roman Numeral 0 1 2 3 4 5 6
Rikchik word Zero One Two Three Four Five Seven

Numbers are written vertically. To the left is the number 2604 in base 7 (984 in base 10).

This is an old symbol for 7. It is now used by rikchik mathematicians and computer scientists to count in base 8 (the equivalent of human use of hexadecimal).

Mathematical operations and other symbols:

Add (compare the word Gather) Subtract (compare the word Give)
Multiply (compare the word Contributor) Divide (compare the word Share)
Circle (compare the word Circle) Cross (compare the word Across)
Length (compare the word Long)

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