Inktober 2017

In 2017 I decided to take part in the Inktober celebration, which involves drawing something in ink every day of October. A set of prompts, one per day, is provided to spark ideas.

I decided to stick with rikchik-world images for the whole month. I missed a few days - in those cases I used two prompts on the next day.

Click any image for a larger version.

1. Swift

A bouncer jumps across some grass.

2. Divided

A city spans a river.

3. Poison

A tree with poisonous fruit is fenced off, with signs reading "Death".

4. Underwater

Fish and pulsers meet deep underwater.

5. Long

A traveler meets a grass-crawler along a road.

6. Sword

A rikchik wielding two swords.

7. Shy

A curious child hides behind its parent's tentacles.

8. Crooked, 9. Screech

A dragon sends lightning at a grove of trees.

10. Gigantic, 11. Run

A rikchik meets a greater roller. Excited children run about.

12. Shattered

A crystallier sells chipped pieces for snacks.

13. Teeming

The big market (including the crystallier from day 12).

14. Fierce, 15. Mysterious

A cloaked ninja steps out of the grass.

16. Fat, 17. Graceful

A grand sailing ship crosses the water. A fish looks on.

18. Filthy, 19. Cloud

A traveler on a rainy day makes its way along the muddy road.

20. Deep

An astronomer looks through a telescope. A constellation shines in the sky.

21. Furious

Two rikchiks are about to come to blows.

22. Trail

A path leads through forested hills.

23. Juicy

A rikchik reaches for a fruit growing on a tree (hopefully not the one from day 3).

24. Blind, 25. Ship

A team of rikchiks bring large boxes through a city gate. The city wall is decorated with large statues of rikchiks.

26. Squeak

A train passes a rikchik and a human. The human is bothered by the noise from the rails.

27. Climb

A pair of climbing-tubes provide easy access to the floors of a multi-level building.

28. Fall

A picturesque waterfall with a viewing platform is visited by sight-seers.

29. United

Four rikchiks are taking part in a well-attended wedding ceremony in a grand temple, with a priest presiding and banners of Home flying.

30. Found

A rikchik finds a flower.

31. Mask

Rikchiks act out "The North Wind and the Sun".

Art and rikchiks created by Denis Moskowitz. This page first posted Dec 29 2017 (5 Chaos 19, 5-Block 5) by Denis Moskowitz.

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