Rikchik Haiku

This is some rikchik haiku, because rikchik stories are very difficult for a human to write. Rikchik haiku is 5 words, 7 words, and 5 words. Since 5 is a big number for humans and 7 is a big number for rikchiks, this is a very popular poetry form among pro-human rikchiks.

The North Wind and the Sun: take 1

I'm working on "The North Wind and the Sun" in rikchik. It's taking a while, though. In the meantime, here's a version in rikchik haiku.

Dead-Source-P-0 Wind-Agent-R-1 Sun-Agent-R-0 Fight-Quality-V-0 Talk-End-V-3

Sun-Source-N-0P Happy-Patient-I-1 Happy-Task-V-1 Wind-Patient-T-0P Zero-Quality-M-0 Happy-Task-V-2 Human-End-R-2

Sun-Example-R-0P All-Source-M-0 Water-Patient-M-2 Wind-Agent-R-0P Talk-End-V-2

The sun and the wind from the north arguing.

Enjoying the warmth (from that sun), not enjoying that wind, a human.

"The sun is most strong", says the wind.

National Day

This is a haiku I wrote while sitting on Boston's Esplanade on the Fourth of July.

Human-Quality-R-0 Home-Agent-N-0 Home-Includes-I-2 Sun-Agent-N-0 Span-End-I-2

Sun-Agent-T-0 Sun-Source-N-0 Happy-Actor-V-2 Seven-Source-N-0 Seven-Quality-M-1 Human-Quality-R-0 Home-End-R-3

Wind-Source-V-0 Happy-Task-V-1 Mouth-Task-V-0 Home-Includes-R-2 Me-End-R-1

The day of a human nation

Sun warms seven sevens of human families

I'm in a family that enjoys the wind and eats.

Subway encounter

Me-Patient-R-0 Big-Quality-M-0 Move-Task-V-0 Machine-Agent-R-2 Move-End-V-2

One-Patient-I-0 Talk-Patient-I-0 What-Patient-I-0 Choice-Patient-I-3 Human-Agent-R-0 Me-Destination-R-0P Talk-End-V-3

Me-Source-R-0P Talk-Patient-I-1 Me-Agent-R-0P Human-Destination-R-0P Talk-End-V-3

I ride a big travel machine.

"Math, language, or what?" someone asks me.

"A language by me", I tell her.

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