Named Objects in the Solar System by mass

This page lists the official or unofficial symbols for the largest named objects in the Solar System, ranked by mass. It only includes those objects that have a mass of at least 1019 kg (10 Zg) and that have been given permanent names. For the planets and sun I show their traditional symbols. The moons of other planets and large trans-Neptunian objects are accompanied by the symbols I've created for them. The asteroid symbols are from diverse sources - see that page for details. Uranus, Pluto, Pallas, and Vesta have multiple widely accepted symbols - in each case, I've chosen one based on my own aesthetic preferences. Mass data is from Wikipedia.

Sol Jupiter Saturn Neptune Uranus Earth Venus Mars Mercury Ganymede Titan Callisto Io Luna Europa Triton Eris Pluto Haumea Makemake Titania Oberon 90377 Sedna Rhea 50000 Quaoar Iapetus Charon Ariel Umbriel Dione 1 Ceres 90482 Orcus Tethys 28978 Ixion 20000 Varuna 4 Vesta 2 Pallas Enceladus 10 Hygiea 704 Interamnia Miranda Proteus 52 Europa Mimas 511 Davida Nereid 15 Eunomia 3 Juno 16 Psyche 31 Euphrosyne 87 Sylvia 6 Hebe 624 Hektor 65 Cybele Hyperion 7 Iris 324 Bamberga

I also have a version of this page with the names and sizes of the objects.

Last modified Thu Oct 2 2008 by Denis Moskowitz.