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Fill Square With Stone scroll In 2008 my Halloween costume was a wizard from the boardgame Wiz-War. Wiz-War is a game in which players play wizards running around a dungeon trying to steal each other's treasure. Spells in the game are represented by cards, and players can only have seven cards or items at a time.

I wore a pointy hat made of blue swirly fabric with stars on it and a bandolier made of the same fabric with spaces for seven scrolls. (I also carried a glow-in-the-dark wand and had a plush rose and a stuffed-animal ghost stuck to me.)

To fill the bandolier I made up scrolls for six spells from the game, with a magic circle on each one. Each circle is different, with some of the details of the card encoded in it.

Then, after Halloween, I got carried away and designed another bunch of scrolls.

There are 212 different cards in the 5th edition of Wiz-War (including the number cards 3-6). These scrolls cover 31 of them. I'm not planning on continuing this series at the moment (if you're interested in doing so, I'm happy to share my code).

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