Dredmor Hero Costume

For a Halloween party in 2012, I created a costume based on the computer game Dungeons of Dredmor. In the game, a large-eyebrowed hero or heroine makes their way through a multi-level dungeon, picking up various pieces of equipment and fighting increasingly fearsome and silly monsters. I gathered a full set of clothing and a weapon, to which I attached labels simulating the game's informational popups. It only occurred to me afterward that I should have added giant fake eyebrows.

The full costume.

My Pirate Cutlass. Does 5 points of Slashing Damage.

Once it was a mere Traffic Cone, but blessing it at an Anvil of Krong has made it a named artifact and added a point of Necromantic Resistance.

PDF of the equipment labels

I really enjoyed coming up with vector-based versions of the stat icons. Since the originals are 8x8 pixel images, there was a lot of room for interpretation.

This page and these graphics by Denis Moskowitz. Last modified Thursday Nov 1, 2012.