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I'm not the only modern person who has created symbols for celestial bodies.

Asteroid Astronomers and Astrologers

See Asteroid Symbols.

George Weilenmann

Seeing some gaps on my list of large named objects in the solar system, George Weilenmann sent in some suggestions for large un-symboled asteroids.

Selected symbols:

Interamnia symbol
704 Interamnia
Bamberga symbol
324 Bamberga
Cybele symbol
65 Cybele

Brandi "Taiyouko" Callahan

As part of the fandom for Sailor Moon, Taiyouko created symbols for the hypothetical planet Vulcan and the fictional planet Nemesis (not to be confused with the hypothetical star Nemesis or the asteroid Nemesis (which has a symbol created by Martha Lang-Wescott) ).

Vulcan symbol
NemesisP symbol
Nemesis (planet)

Yoshio Kobayashi and Michael Williams

The Japanese word for constellation is "seiza", which is written as two kanji characters meaning "star" and "seat". In mainstream usage the Japanese constellation names are descriptions of the constellation or their latin names followed by the kanji character for 'seat' (such as Oogumaza "large bear constellation" or Eridanusuza "Eridanus constellation"). Inspired by my constellation symbols, Yoshio and Michael created single-character kanji for all 88 constellations as well as the obsolete and partial constellations I mention, consisting of the character for "star" as a left-side combining component plus a combining form of content description. The image below shows two particularly straightforward ones but if you know kanji or hanzi check out the whole page - the treatment of Triangulum and Triangulum Australe is particularly clever.

Bartolomiej Jankiewicz

Bartolomiej is also part of the Sailor Moon fandom and invented his own symbols for Charon and Kerberos.

BartolomiejCharon symbol
BartolomiejKerberos symbol

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