7th grade at Woodrow Wilson Middle School
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Italian Cooking

Clean Water

I want to persuade people to have clean water. Clean water means good health, to be able to have something to drink after a hard work out to prevent dehydration and to have clean water to take a shower.

My first reason why we need clean water is because we need something clean to drink. The more dirty the water is the more germs it carries.

My second reason why we need clean water is because after a long hard workout you would like to have some water to drink, which will quench your thirst. Without water you will be dehydrated and have an ill headache.

My third reason why we need clean water is so you can have clean water to shower in. If you didn't take a shower you would really stink and you would be very dirty, especially if you were working out and getting dirty.

So now you have heard Tony Welsh's report on clean sanitary water and the three reasons why water is important. Water is important to prevent dehydration, bad health and not taking a shower.

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