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8th grade at Woodrow Wilson Middle School
7 semesters in Citizen Schools

Wednesday Apprenticeship:
Planning a Party
Saturday Apprenticeship:


The resource I will be talking to you about is computers. I will try my best to convince you that computers are a better resource. It also takes a little of your time to surf through the internet in order to find your information on a particular topic. You can find your information in about two or three minutes. Be careful to read through this essay and decide what is best for you. Computers versus old time.

My number one reason is I would like to prove to people that you could save time by using the computers as a typewriter. You can do a lot on the computer. You could write your essay on the computer and edit it if needed. It also gives you the chance to do other things without having to step outside.

Computers can be used in more than one way. Computers can be used as a calculator and as a typewriter. You can also use the internet so you can get better information.

My third reason is I would like to tell them, and prove to them, that computers are easy to turn on and use. You can connect it with the click of a mouse. It's that easy.

Computers are helpful resources. It is capable of doing more than one thing to make your life the best. The three ways this happens are it is capable of being used as many things, it saves time and it is easy to use.

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