7th grade at Woodrow Wilson Middle School
5 semesters in Citizen Schools

Wednesday Apprenticeship:
Computer Repair
Saturday Apprenticeship:


How long do you think you can live without food? My name is Kenny Terry and I think you should eat right because you live longer and healthier. My reasons for this opinion are the food can keep you healthy, without food you have little energy, and it can help you be a better student.

My first reason food is a great resource is that it can keep you healthy. Without food you could die of starvation. That is definitely NOT good. If you start vomiting that is an early sign you are not eating or not eating well enough. Also your bones can get brittle. You won't be able to run fast or stand up often. Without food you can easily get sick. Your immune system is not going to do its job if it is not refreshed or fed. That's when your energy gets involved.

My second reason food is a great resource is because it is a great source of energy. Food helps you stay active. Especially if you like to play, work, learn in school, or play sports. You can't just live off coffee. If you just keep drinking coffee that coffee will just keep on making you want more because it has caffeine. The caffeine will last about two hours, then it makes you want more. So it keeps on going. When you play or play sports, you need food to keep you in the game. I would want a lot of game time, so I would eat food if I was you. Also, food will help you in school.

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