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6th grade at Woodrow Wilson Middle School
1 semester in Citizen Schools

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I am going to be writing about poetry. Poems are fun to write because you have a choice of rhyming or not rhyming. No one can choose the topic but you. You can use creative styles without disobeying any rules. You can describe person places or things. Poems can be written by expressing feelings and emotions you have.

Poems are fun to write because you have a choice of rhyming or not. For example, I think it sounds better when you rhyme but most poems that rhyme are all that emotional. And poems that don't rhyme are more expressive. It's fun thinking of words to write and whether it rhymes or not.

I think poems are awesome to write because you can choose what creative style you want without disobeying any rules - as if you wrote in print or in cursive.

Poems are special because you might like to write. People enjoy reading poems. It's an activity when you're bored. You could have a contest to see who has the best poem. Or you could just write poems for fun.

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