8th grade at McCormack Middle School
1 semester in Citizen Schools

Wednesday Apprenticeship:
Planning a Party
Saturday Apprenticeship:
Health Crusaders


I think that television is a good resource because people watch television and people are resources. I am a resource and I watch television a lot. Television has a lot of educational shows like Discovery Channel. The Discovery Channel can teach you about animals, outer space (my favorite!) and much more.

Another reasons why think TV is a good resource is because it has the history channel. I like to watch the History Channel. It teaches you different things from ancient history to modern history. To tell you the truth, I never really watch the History Channel. I will never stop watching television.

Television is also a good resource because they come in all different shapes and sizes. There are see-through TV. There are portable TVs that you can carry around with you if you go on a trip or something. If you catch the school bus in the morning you can watch it. Don't watch it in school because a teacher might take it. A lot of people watch Jerry Springer in the morning so you can watch it on the bus.

Television might be a good resource, but if you get too close to it your eyes will get messed up and you will become blind. If you watch television a lot you'll get addicted to it and your mother and father will not be able to pull you off.

I hope that I persuaded you that TV is a good resource. I know that you all really watch TV a lot, but I want you to watch more. TV is the best resource in the world. Thank you and good night.

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