8th grade at Woodrow Wilson Middle School
4 semesters in Citizen Schools

Wednesday Apprenticeship:
Computer Repair
Saturday Apprenticeship:
Web Design


Guess What You Can Find On A Computer?

How does it feel to write? When writing something sometimes your hand hurts. If you had to write a 12-page paper, and you couldn't stop till you were done . . .it would hurt! So nowadays they have typewriters. BUT what if you had to type the report and had to have pictures in your 12-page report? How would you do it? OH NO! Now we have computers. Below I will tell you how and why computers are a good resource to use in life.

On computers you can find many programs. Programs are a set of commands that the computers know in its own language. It is able to understand what to do and when to do it. Programs can help you with things you need to do. You need to type something? You would have to go to a program that will let you type, which can also be called a word program. That is a program that Microsoft created for many types of people to use - at home, at work. See with a program like Microsoft Word, you are able to type many documents. As I said before, you can't do many things with a typewriter. Computers also can make pictures and with those pictures you can put them in all types of documents. There are many programs you can have fun with. BUT you can't use a computer without a OP/S.

An OP/S is an Operating System. An operating system is also a program as well. But the thing is that when you turn on your computer that OP/S is activated. The only time when it would not be activated is when there is an Error. IF you have a PC (personal computer) they come with an operating system called Windows. Over many years Microsoft has been making new operating systems, such as: Windows 98, Windows 2000 (only for business) and Windows ME. The program that is for windows is called WIN. See computers have a program called Internet Explorer. It connects you to the internet. And the internet is a whole lot of computers connected together with much info that people can access. You computer is called the HOST and also the GUEST. (You won't be on the Internet 24/7!) And your computer has an ID, it's called an IP address. Your computer connects to the server. The server is the one computer that connects you to ALL the computers.

But now there is also Email. Email is also called Electronic Mail that you can send over the internet. You can send mail to anyone that has the internet and has an email address. You can send pictures to your friends and family now, too. (Show mom and dad the new baby in the family . . . awwwww!) You can have an online store or your own business. Using a computer is a good resource. You can do many things with a computer. A computer isn't just fun, as I said. You can draw on the computer (hard!) and you can play games if you have a graphics card. You can play music on the computer now, and even your own CDs, and record music on the computer. There are filed called MP3s and you can use programs RealPlayer or Napster. There are also many other good programs.

Well, I think computers are a good resource and the computer can do many things, in any subject. But you must know that computers are not smarter than humans are. Us humans are the ones who created the computer systems. Therefore we are still in control of them!

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