6th grade at Woodrow Wilson Middle School
1 semester in Citizen Schools

Wednesday Apprenticeship:
Saturday Apprenticeship:
Italian Cooking


Imagine if you need help with your homework and no one can help you ? What will you do? I will go to the library and ask the librarians if they can help me. I think you should go, too. One reason is you'll get smart. Another reason is librarians can help you on your homework. Finally, they have computers and books.

You'll get smart at the library. For example, if you don't know what "periwig" means, the librarians will tell you what it means. The librarians will help you find any words.

Also, the librarians will help you do your homework or project. I have a project on killer whales in science class. I could go to the library and the librarians would help me.

The library has the great resources like magazines, newspapers, computers, and books. For my project on killer whales, I'll look on the computer and Internet, encyclopedia and dictionary.

The library is the best resource. "Go over to the library NOW!" AT the library you'll get smart, the librarians will help you on your homework or project, and they have computers and books.

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