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Have you seen any good shows lately? Well, if you haven't you should turn on FOX, WB or some other network and I'm sure you'll find a show that interests you. Nowadays television has become a swiss army knife, it has so many uses. In the privacy of your own living room, you can turn on the TV and get information on news, weather, sports or just get a good laugh when there is nothing better to do.

In my opinion, television is a more reliable source of information than the internet. The reason I think this is because not everyone knows how to use a computer. You have to be a complete idiot to not be able to operate a TV. Even a 75 year old who is probably too old to keep up with the moving age of technology is fully capable of getting information from the television. Also a computer with internet access is incredibly expensive. You'd be lucky to get a decent one for $700. On the other hand, you can get a TV with cable for less than $100.

Entertainment is the most important use of the television. You can sit down in front of your TV for hours without getting bored. It also is a good source of income for many companies. Take THQ for example. They make all of the wrestling shows like Smackdown, Wrestlemania 2000, etc. Their games are so popular because Titan sports helps them do advertising. And the reasons why Titan Sports is so popular is because Vince McMahon does a good job marketing the WWF. That is why the ratings for RAW and Smackdown are so high. High ratings equal more revenues. With more revenues, they can pay the artists whose songs they use in the credits.

Television is also good because of public access channels. It gives ordinary people a chance to have their own show. If John can have his own show there is hope for everyone. A portion of the money made from CableVision, Optimum TV and other cable networks is given to public access for better equipment. Public access TV can be become almost as good as those regular stations that no one watches (like Channels 2, 44, 11).

In conclusion I think that TV is one of the greatest inventions known to man (or people if you want to be politically correct). It's better than the internet because it is already censored. It's also safer than automobiles. No one has ever died of a television related accident (except for the Japanese seizure show).

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