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Al Gore

Al Gore is a better resource for minorities, lower class and middle class people than George Bush. When George Bush was young he did drugs and drove while intoxicated. While in college, he didn't take his education seriously. He is also a member of the National Rifle Association. He is also a Republican and a racist because he doesn't support minorities.

When he was young he did drugs and drove while intoxicated. I think this is horrible because he talks about how drunk driving is bad. He also kept it away from his wife and children. He didn't want them to know. He doesn't look at this as a serious thing, but it is!

When George Bush was in college he got very poor grades. He didn't really take his education seriously. Now he's talking about he wants to support our children's education. When he almost failed college! Why would you put your children's education in this man's hands? My parents wouldn't!!!

George Bush is a member of the National Rifle Association. In Texas you could own as many guns as you want. He also has a gun. In the New England area, soon kids are going to be buying guns and stuff from other people. More killings would happen. Would you like it if your kids are going to be pressured on getting a gun? All of you want someone who is a better resource to make the country safer. Bush is not - Al gore is.

Bush is a Republican. Democrats have won a lot of elections, like Bill Clinton. Democrats want to help lower and middle class people. Republicans want to take care of the rich and higher class. I think Democrats will help with minorities and education. Republicans don't make good presidents.

George Bush is a racist because he really doesn't help out with the minorities. Minorities now in jail have a higher chance of getting the death penalty if he becomes president. Al Gore wants to support everybody, not only whites but minorities, too. We have equal rights. In Texas, a lot of minorities were killed because of racial conflicts. But if Gore becomes president, none of this will happen.

In my essay, I explained why Al Gore is a better resource to count on than George Bush is.

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