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Clean Air

I would like to convince people to have clean air. I believe that clean air is our one good resource because you get to smell clean air instead of dirty air. My three reasons are to keep your community clean, and you wouldn't breath good and the plants won't be able to live.

One of my first reasons to have air clean is because you would not want to have a dirty community. If you have a dirty community, for example, and you don't through the trash away people would think that you wouldn't care about your community or care about polluted air. Finally, don't you think that if you kept the community messy other people that are clean are going to think that you don't care about cleaning the air.

My second reason to have clean air is because you wouldn't breath good and it would be harder for old people to breath and people with asthma. Next, people will start getting sick and it might affect the kids. Then the next thing you know kids are doing the same thing like trashing the place. I would even think that it wouldn't be healthy for us to breath bad air.

Finally, because if we didn't have air in the first place we would end up breathing nothing and what makes us breath better is the plants like trees and grass. I think that those plants bring the oxygen out and everyone breathes it. Now people are cutting out billions of trees and making paper instead of leaving the trees there and letting us breath their air. Finally, I think that trees are worth more than making paper.

In conclusion, I just told you why we should have clean air, so you wouldn't dirty your community. Second because you wouldn't breath good because of the bad air. Third because the plants and trees give us air to breathe.

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