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I am going to tell you about family. Family is a great resource. Without family, you will not have anyone like a mom to talk to when you are growing up. If you have problems in school, there will be no one there to support you, no one to give you advice about what to do. Without family you will have no one to tell your personal things to. Without family you will live alone unless you will like to live with friends. If you're a kid without family it will not be good because you might be going through puberty, and puberty is not good to talk about with friends.

My first reason why I think family is an important resource is because without family you won't have anyone to talk to while you're growing up. When you're growing up, that means you're going to school. You go to elementary school, then middle school, and high school. In high school you can have problems with guys telling you to smoke or they won't be your friend. They might want you to rape someone. If there was no family, you wouldn't be able to tell a family member about it.

My second reason why I think family is a great and the most important resource in the world is that you won't have anyone to spend the holidays with, if there was no family. If there are holidays without family that will not be good. If you spend the holidays with a friend or alone it wouldn't feel right. An example of a holiday is Christmas. Christmas is a time to be with family, a time to receive and give presents to family.

My third reason is that you can tell your family your career. Like if you have a job as a baseball player, you can be famous and give autographed baseball cards and baseballs to them. You can have a job as a lawyer and you can be their lawyer. You can be a mechanic and fix their cars for free.

My fourth reason why I think family is an important resource is because kids need to play. What I mean by kids need to play is they need little brothers, big brothers, cousins, and parents. Cousins come and visit you and play with you. Brothers play with you like toys, video games, tag, etc. The way parents play with you is that you get family board games and go to the table and play.

My last reason why I think family is a great resource is that without family to me there is no world. Without a world there will be no one alive. So kids, if you ever have a family problem, stay with your family. The problem will get fixed. Never run away from your family.

My conclusion is about family. Without family you will not have anyone to talk to while you grow up. If there is no family you will not have anyone to spend your holidays with. If you have a job you can tell them your career. That is my essay on family.

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