Photo of Nickenson
6th grade at Thompson Middle School
1 semester in Citizen Schools

Wednesday Apprenticeship:
Jr. Park Rangers
Saturday Apprenticeship:
Web Design


My resource essay is about trees. Trees are one of the best living things. Without trees there wouldn't be much oxygen. If you like drinking water you'll like trees because trees put freshness and 20% of the oxygen in the water.

Trees don't only do that. Without trees all of the modern things wouldn't be here, like the wheel, paper, or not even the pencil (except for the lead, the eraser and the metal part at the end with the eraser in it).

Trees can also keep you healthy. It can give healthy foods like apples, pears, grapes, and all kinds of healthy foods that come from trees that I haven't mentioned yet. So now that's another reasons why trees are important to us.

People should stop cutting down trees because if you don't stop cutting down trees, you might wipe out all of the trees we depend on. We will run short on oxygen. It will be better to save more trees and build stuff out of metal another stuff.

My conclusion about trees is that trees are important for more than being equipment for building things. Trees are one of the things we should look out for. If you have any questions about trees, feel free to ask.

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