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I think plants are the most important resource. After you read this essay, I bet you'll think the same. Plants are the most important resource because they bring life and they bring the world together.

One of the reasons I think this is that plants supply oxygen. They don't supply oxygen "just like that". Plants need to take in carbon dioxide (CO2) and then they can release oxygen.

Food is an excellent way that plants bring life. Just imagine a world without food. As we all know there wouldn't be any life without food.

Lumber is also an excellent example. Without plants there wouldn't be any lumber. If there wasn't any lumber there would be a lot of people without any shelter. Lumber is also used for tons of modern things.

Mother Nature brings the world together. The spirit of Mother Nature lives within plants. Destroying the plants is destroying a part of Mother Nature. This spirit gives the plants their bright and beautiful colors.

Paper is also another way that plants bring the world together. Paper is great for communication. You can communicate to relatives through the mail.

After reading this essay, don't you think plants are the most important resource?

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