6th grade at Woodrow Wilson Middle School
1 semester in Citizen Schools

Wednesday Apprenticeship:
Saturday Apprenticeship:

Bigger Classrooms

Imagine if we had an enormous classroom. Would you be happy? Here is why I think we should have enormous classrooms.

My first reason why classrooms should be bigger is because we will need all the space we can get. Why, you ask. Because people can hit you while getting up. Also you would be struggling to leave your seat. Kids could accidentally take each other's stuff. For example, once I took somebody's bag and I felt completely stupid.

My second reason is we could have bigger desks so you can have enough space for us to put our stuff. Then we can have all the equipment we need. For example, an electronic pencil sharpener, so we don't stand up and distract the teacher. And we won't be in trouble.

My third and final reason why big classrooms is a good resource is because it helps you have space to do tests without seeing other people's papers.

In conclusion, I have given you three reasons of why I think we need a big room. I also hope you will agree with me in this. Also, you won't take anyone's bag. Those were my three reasons. I hope you enjoy it.

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