Photo of Terrance
8th grade at Woodrow Wilson Middle School
3 semesters in Citizen Schools

Wednesday Apprenticeship:
Computer Repair
Saturday Apprenticeship:
Companion Animal

Free Time in School

"I never have homework because I finished it during the two free periods we get at the Woodrow Wilson Middle School." At least that is what I want to happen.

My first suggestion is to have not one but tow free periods in the Wilson school day. We could have enough time to finish our classroom or even start on our homework in Language Arts, Math, etc. After we are finished we could have the rest of the time to ourselves so we could play around.

What I would like to have in these two free periods is a television built into the wall. It will keep us engaged to stay in school and it will keep kids off the streets. We could have snacks so it will keep our brains steady and we will have enough energy to think.

My third suggestion is to have some community resources, like your own personal digital laptop computer. We could do our reports in school and even our homework. You won't have to go to the library or bum off your friends to do homework, classwork, tests and quizzes. With your laptop, you can look up your favorite rapper or R&B singer on the internet.

My fourth suggestion is to have sophisticated community transportation like a limousine. You could have a TV in it and hook up your video game system to the television. You could have a little refrigerator so you can put your drinks and things like that in it.

That is why I would want not one but two free periods for the Woodrow Wilson Middle School students.

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