6th grade at Thompson Middle School
1 semester in Citizen Schools

Wednesday Apprenticeship:
International Book
Saturday Apprenticeship:
Cooking Dessert


Our hospitals are great resources for our community. They provide in hospital and out of hospital care. Also, hospitals serve the uninsured, a very important thing for our people. Finally, they educate students and teachers about medicine.

In hospitals they do surgery if you have a bad cut or you're bleeding to death. They do x-rays, catscans, blood tests and immobilization if you break a bone. If it is bad the doctors will put on a cast. If you break a finger they will give you a splint. When you're sick or got asthma or you take a pill they give you a prescription for the pill or asthma pump.

If there was not any hospital or ambulances and someone had got injured or had a stroke or heart attach, they might die. One time my mother had some pain in her leg so she had called the ambulance. It came and helped her. I was worried. The doctor said that she had a cramp. I was four years old.

Hospitals are important because if someone gets sick they can find what's wrong. People go to the hospital for a check-up and to get their up-to-date shots.

In conclusion, if there was no hospitals a lot of people would die of many types of diseases. That is why we need hospitals today.

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