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6th grade at Woodrow Wilson Middle School
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Planning a Party
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Companion Animal


What I am going to write about is animals and why I think they are an important resource. My goal in this essay is for all people who read it to think about getting a pet. If you didn't know, all animals are living creatures that inhabited the earth long before our time. Some of the reasons I chose to write about animals are: some of them are trained for special jobs; they are good company; some animals can scare off intruders; they are cute; most will protect you; and they will love you a whole lot.

The first thing I will start with is why I think they are help for kids and for people. Some people are blind and need guidance. Animals like dogs can be taught to help people that have lost one or more of their senses. They are also good for people that have disabilities and aren't able to do what they used to do. Dogs can help so people can continue their regular lives with the help of animals.

Animals also help people that spend most of their time alone. Animals provide them with company. Animals can also provide friendship with people that other people don't want to be around. Animals are just fun to be around because they do funny things and act silly to those that others can't make smile on the outside but on the inside.

The third thing I would like to talk about is how they can scare off unwanted intruders that may have bad intentions to do something that you wouldn't like to happen to your household. They can keep you, your possessions and children (if any) safe from the hands of a burglar. Also, without animals such as dogs, I don't think people would feel safe when jogging or running in the park, around the block or to the store.

Another reason why animals are an important resource is they are cute. Of course anything could be cute. But the cute I'm talking about is how wherever animals are it looks like they belong there -- with their wet noses, drooling tongues and wagging tails.

Another reason is that they will protect you. What I mean about that is when you are feeling insecure they can comfort you in a way no one else can. Another way is that they can help you when you are scared. When you hear a noise downstairs, they can guide you downstairs for a safe trip.

My last reason is that animals will love you a whole lot. Dogs are pretty much happy with anyone that treats them with the love and respect that they deserve. Also they will try to cheer you up when they get one hint that you're sad.

Last but not least, this is my conclusion. In this essay my opinion and goal is to get more people to adopt dogs and other animals. I think it would be a good idea because when you adopt one you know you just helped an animal in need. And that concludes my essay on animals.

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