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4 semesters in Citizen Schools

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Imagine if everyone in the world didn't know what was happening around them. What if we didn't have t.v. and radio? Did you know that all these things combined make media. I think that if we didn't have the media everyone would be clueless and dumb founded. The media tells you what is happening in the world. Most people have access to the media like the t.v., radio, people, newspapers, magazines, comic books and books. They are all sources of the media. You don't have to pay more than 50 cents for a weekday newspaper, which store a whole lot more information than the 8:00 o'clock news. It is also something free. Without it we would not know about the Bush/Gore situation in Florida. The results will decide who will lead the United States of America for the next four years. The media also has many uses. That is why I think the media is an important resource.

The media tells you what is happening in the world. Without the media, things like the newspapers and the news, wouldn't exist without it. We wouldn't know about China getting Hong Kong or Bush leading in the poles by 300 in Florida. We wouldn't have music for our generation or music period, because radio supplies us with that. If we didn't we didn't have media t.v and radio wouldn't exist.

Media is cheap and effective. You learn something every day in the newspaper. Even the homeless can afford it. All they have to pay is 50 cents for a newspaper. It has more news than the t.v. news and the radio combined.

The radio and newspaper has many uses, also. The newspaper and radio have the Business, Art, Lifestyle, Food, Metro, Classified, Sports, etc. With Business you can check your stocks. The Sports section tells you what is happening in the sports world. The Food section is good for restaurants. Metro tells you what's happening in your area.

My conclusion is Media is great. Media is the world, we can not and will not be informed without it. This is why media is so important.

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