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Today I will be talking about sports. Sports can be good for you in many ways: it is healthy; it helps get to get off the street; there are many ways you can join a team; and when playing sports you learn new skills.

Sports are good because they won't make you lazy and the best part is that you get exercise. Sports also test out your endurance and ability. They can help you jump higher, break tackles, and jump more than 6'1". Your body can't take much of a person to just sit there, eat and watch sports on TV. It doesn't matter how old you are. Just get outside and walk to the corner store or something.

Sports help you to get off the street. If you are a gangbanger and you do drugs, that is all we will see of you. But if you are in a gang and you want to play a sport, such as football, all you have to do is go to practice. Play against other cities or schools. You will see that playing sports is better than selling drugs, or killing someone.

There are many ways you can join a team, such as at your school. At every middle or high school there should be at least 2 sports team. Join those. Or you can go to your neighborhood park and see if there is a BNBL (basketball) team.

When you play sports you learn new skills. Just like when you watch Allen Iverson on TV. You see him come out with new crossovers. He doesn't just think about it while he plays. He practices and that is what you should do to become better at your sport.

Sports are a great resource because they help people in many ways. Without sports people would just do nothing all day long. So I would like to say thank you for those people who invented basketball, football, soccer, etc.

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