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6th grade at Woodrow Wilson Middle School
1 semester in Citizen Schools

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If you need information or you need to find facts, the library is the place. You could use books to find information, facts, or anything else. If you can't find information from a book, you can ask for help. For example, a librarian is someone you can ask for help. Another to find information is to use the computer.

At the library, there are many computers for you to use. You can type and print for any work you have. You could spend your time on the computer exploring things. It's important to have a library card because most of the time you have to sign in and pass your library card to the librarian so you can work or play on the computer.

If you need a library card to use you can't borrow or steal from a friend. A librarian will give you a form to fill out and you can get a new library card free of charge. If you have lost a library card then you will pay a minimum charge to get a new one. You can use the computers at the library and you can borrow or buy books that you like.

If you need to find facts or information, if you need to use the computers, and if you need a library card to borrow books, then you've got many places to go at local libraries. You can learn things there, too, that you didn't know or need to know. If you take a trip, you would walk out happy every time. So it's worth going to the library.

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