Brandon Lee

8th grade at Woodrow Wilson Middle School
6 semesters in Citizen Schools

Wednesday Apprenticeship:
Saturday Apprenticeship:

Skateboard Parks

Hey, do you like skateboarding? Well, guess what? If you do, maybe you'll agree with me that we need a skateboard park in Codman Square. I think there should be a skateboard park in Codman Square because more people will get into the sport, it will keep the skateboarders off the streets, and then they won't get hit by cars.

The reason why I like skateboarding is because I want to get more people into the sport. By telling other people they would become interested and have fun skateboarding. Skateboarding is not just fun, it is also good exercise. And while I was introducing the sport, they would learn different aspects of skateboarding possibilities.

The second reason why I want to make a skateboard park is so that many skateboarders won't have to ride and do tricks in the streets. For example, skateboarders won't have to ride in streets that are too bumpy. Instead skateboarders will have much smoother ride in the skatepark. A skate board park has better object to skate on. Other people won't be bothered by skateboarders and skateboarders won't be bothered by other people.

The third reason is that skateboarders don't have to get hit by cars. The reason why skateboarders shouldn't get hit by a car is because many lives will be saved. And also less people will get hurt. And drivers won't have to worry about skateboarders going into the street.

Skateboarding should be taken seriously. Not only because it's fun, but you can get exercise. Therefore there should be more skate parks. The sport also keeps skateboarders safe by keeping them in skateboard parks and out of the street. People who have just gotten into skateboarding should keep practicing more often. Don't give up, just keep trying until you get them right. In skateboard parks, you will have a lot of room to practice, do tricks, and have fun.

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