7th grade at Woodrow Wilson Middle School
3 semesters in Citizen Schools

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Health Crusaders


Computers are helpful for education. In my opinion 80% of kids get smarter by using computers. A lot of parents are afraid of computers because of the internet. Well my message to parents is don't be afraid about computers they are an educational tool too.

The first reason is they help you learn mathematics by using a CD rom with a math program. This is important because it's an educational tool. For example, in the CD-rom there are games. To play those games you have to pass levels of mathematical work at each level. If you pass those levels you'll get a quiz and it will be proof that you know mathematics.

There is another educational tool. It's the internet. The educational tool is search engines. It helps by letting you find websites about science history and more. Many people are afraid of the internet, especially parents. They're afraid because of chat rooms. Maybe some time in the future parents will be grateful to get the internet and computers. Parents don't be afraid of the internet because it's a useful tool.

I'm in an apprenticeship called Health Crusaders. It's an educational program to me because I will help create a website about Leukemia. My team is making it because a lot of people, especially kids, are getting this cancer. This is another example of how computers can be educational.

In conclusion, computers are an educational tool because of the internet, CD's and creating things on them.

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