Photo of Racquel
7th grade at Woodrow Wilson Middle School
1 semester in Citizen Schools

Wednesday Apprenticeship:
Jr. Park Rangers
Saturday Apprenticeship:
Creative Writing


I think Jamaica is the most beautiful country in the Caribbean. Jamaica has beautiful beaches. Jamaica has wonderful tourist sites. Jamaica has great music, folk dances, and art work. People from all over the world come to Jamaica for vacations, weddings, to visit family, and for carnival season. The first Caribbean bobsled team was from Jamaica.

Jamaica has beautiful beaches. If you were to ever go to Jamaica, you should visit Duns River Fall, Silver Sand, Burwood, and Braco beaches. The first beach I am going to tell you about is Duns River Fall. This beach is located in Ochos Rios. It has water falls and a beautiful beach. The Silver Sand Beach has grape trees that you can eat from and a playground for kids. My grandmother works at this beach.

They have folk dancing, art work, and great music.

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