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In case something really bad happens to our teeth that our mom or dad can't fix, go to the dentist. People should go to the dentist to get a check-up once every month or twice a month, etc. You can get your teeth cleaned, or you can get braces, or you can wear fake boot-leg teeth.

My first reason is you getting your teeth cleaned. Your teeth might get dirty, maybe your breath will stink or your teeth will rot and you'll be toothless. You might have an infection and if you don't go to the dentist you will get very sick. Go to the dentist-it's good for your health but great for your teeth.

My second reason is you can get braces if your teeth are crooked or bent or grew the wrong way. Your teeth might be growing in front of each other or your teeth might be very easily broken. You might get gold teeth (or a tooth) and they have silver, too.

My final reason is that you can wear (fake) boot-leg teeth. What I mean by boot-leg is fake. Like rap singer Lil Wayne, he has a gold tooth and that's what I mean by boot-leg. Ok? You can also get a retainer and what means is something plastic you put up in the roof of your mouth. You need it to make your teeth straighten out or else they will fall out and that's for people that have bad teeth. You can get a mouthpiece; it's a piece of wire that goes around your teeth. Some people need head gear and it's like braces, mouth piece and retainer all put together and it goes around your whole head.

My first opinion again is you can get your teeth cleaned so you have healthy teeth. My second opinion is you can get braces to help your stay teeth straight. My third opinion is you can wear fake boot-leg teeth. My last opinion is to keep from wearing fake teeth make sure you brush three times a day.

What I mean by my three reasons is that just take care of your teeth so you won't have to wear braces, retainer, head gear. Eat healthy food and brush after eating, that's all I have to say.

To all the people out there, I suggest you brush and eat healthy food. Just take care of your teeth and go visit the dentist twice a month.

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