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6th grade at Woodrow Wilson Middle School
1 semester in Citizen Schools

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Bigger Schools

"My school is the biggest school in Dorchester", is what I would like to tell my friends!!! Some of the things that should be bigger in the Woodrow Wilson school are locker rooms and classrooms. Also there should be more time in school periods.

The locker rooms are a resource and they should be bigger. I always get bumped and when I do I always mess up opening up my locker. This is one of the reasons why the school should be bigger.

Another resource in the school that should be bigger are the classrooms. The reasons for this to happen is it makes it easier for the teachers to teach. The teachers can help the students more by walking around. And when kids get up and they accidentally bump into other they start fights with each other. That is the reason why I say the classrooms should be bigger as a resource.

Another resource I think kids need in school is more time in school. The reasons why I say that is because students carry a lot of books. You get tired carrying around the books through the whole day. So what I am saying is that I think students should have time to go to their lockers at the end of each class.

In closing I spoke of resources that I would like the school to have bigger classrooms, locker rooms and more time to go to locker rooms.

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