Grandma's Attic

Clue: Go through Grandma's old stuff to find the next clue.

Problem: Using a measurement that you know, estimate the length of the decorated belt in the glass case on the side of the room.

Grandma's Kitchen

Clue: Find the pink icebox for the next clue.

Problem: Grandma wants to make her *** recipe for ** people. How much of each ingredient will she need to serve them all?


Clue: Go shopping for the next clue.

Problem: Your mom sends you to the store for 1 dozen eggs, 1/2 pound of apples, 1 gallon of milk and 1 pound of butter. She gives you $8. If eggs are 2 dozen for $1.75, apples are $3.00 a pound, milk $1.00 for a gallon, and butter is $.75 for 1/2 pound, will you have enough money?

Build It!

Clue: Find the next clue in the hard hat area.

Problem: Miguel and Ranti are building a structure out of bricks. If their structure is 25 feet tall and contains 50 bricks, how tall is each brick?

Japanese House

Clue: Hope you feet don't smell! The next clue is in the only place in the Museum where you have to take off your shoes.

Problem: (tatami mats?)

We're Still Here

Clue: Found a house made of sticks for the next clue.



Clue: Watch out for flying golfballs while looking for the next clue.


Under the Docks

Clue: Find three foot wide red claws for the next clue.