Exploration Name: Blue Hills

Exploration Components

Pre-Exploration, Exploration, Post-Exploration.

  1. Pre-Exploration Activities
  2. Exploration: The Blue Hills Hike
    1. All students should find and record their pulse and heart rates before and after the hike.
    2. At some point in the hike, the team should stop for a moment and use their senses. The team leader should facilitate a moment of silence in which students try to first see, then hear, then smell as much as they can.
    3. Each team should use their map and compass to make sure they take the correct trails.
    4. Team members should rotate the responsibility for taking pictures.
    5. Any data necessary for testing proposed hypotheses should be gathered.
    6. Teams should stop periodically to discuss if the terrain is what they expected and to share any thoughts or descriptions of what they see.
    7. At the top of the Observatory, students should try to locate specific Boston landmarks.
  3. Post Exploration Activities
    1. Review the list of words and expectations that the team made before going. Make any necessary changes or additions.
    2. Using these and other words to describe the Blue Hills, write a letter to the editor of the local newspaper in which you describe your experience to the Blue Hills. Do you think this is a valuable resource for the community? Why or why not?
    3. Using these and other words to describe the Blue Hills, create a poem or a story about your experiences there.
    4. Tally the data collected in the Blue Hills and compare with the team's hypotheses.
    5. Present the data in a summary report on the Blue Hills: its attractions (varieties of wildlife, plantlife, etc.) and its visitors.

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