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the view from the Clifton Suspension Bridge was majestic. No pictures can make it justice. The sun was out and the river was a beige, muddy trail far below in the gorge. And yes, I indeed danced the Witchy Dance 😊 and laughed myself silly over it. Did you manage to do one this weekend as well, Caroline?

I spent most of the day wandering around Clifton/Redland/Montpelier. It's a very peaceful, beautiful area. Bristol centre, though, was basically a mess of construction work with roads being dug up, numerous detours and diversions, and lots of orange traffic cones and yellow diggers. I immediately thought of Archer's Goon and the roadworks they're plagued with....

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Maria A

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> I confess it's not an original idea as the DWJ meet around 15 years
> ago (!!) went to the suspension bridge, but I think it's also the
> most iconic Bristol location. I had forgotten that Polly also went
> there - my main Bristol recollection from F&H is a throwaway line
> about secondary schools being difficult there. As someone who grew up
> there, this immediately made me wonder if DWJ lived in north Bristol
> - the 75 children in my primary school year dispersed between about
> 30 secondary schools.

DWJ lived on the edge of Clifton where it falls off the hill by the
Gorge, just before it becomes Hotwells. (Her nearest pubs were the ones
more-or-less on the Cumberland Basin.)  It's pretty close to Ashton Park
school.  It's also a spit and a hop away from Clifton College and
Bristol Grammar and QEH, but they Cost.

One might wander around the centre of Bristol in a slightly anxious
manner, if one wanted to follow Polly, and see whether any of it seemed
to fit the book....


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