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The Android's Dream is fabulous--my introduction to John Scalzi.  And thank goodness he titled it The Android's Dream because that's the only reason I picked it up.  I saw it on the shelf and thought, Hmm, I wonder if that is a reference to Philip K Dick.  And so it was.  I haven't tried the Old Man's War series, but everything else by Scalzi I have thoroughly enjoyed, particularly Redshirts.  Highly recommended, though as someone else pointed out, Android's Dream is pretty violent.  Not so much that I put it down, though, and I don't like violence.  Also, with most Scalzi books, you can't get too attached to the first characters that you meet.  Usually you don't meet "our hero" until several chapters in.

Also, no one has mentioned Dirty Job yet (I think), which is also on the list.  HIGHLY recommended.  I've taught it several times (in my "Images of the Child" course) and I love it.  It's all about death, but it is very funny and enjoyable.  Christopher Moore is a little hit and miss for me--I tried some of his other books and didn't like them.  So if you had that experience but haven't tried Dirty Job yet, do give it a try.
Finally, I love Jasper Fforde.  I don't think that Eyre Affair is his best book, so even if you had trouble with that one, you might try the next one in the series and see if that's better for you.  They get increasingly unhinged and fun.  I also love Shades of Gray, which at the moment seems to be a one-off, though it feels destined for a series.  (the end is not really "the end.")

As for the first DWJ, mine was, I believe, Dogsbody, which I wouldn't recommend.  It's not a happy tale, though now that I'm an adult I have reread it multiple times and I like it.  But as a kid, I think I was sort of put off.  I read it, but it didn't make me happy or make me want to read more.  Then I tried Charmed Life as an adult and got hooked.  


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Another reading list:

"17 Books to Read If You Love Terry Pratchett’s Discworld"

- I'm posting it because of the sixth recommendation: Howl's Moving Castle!


I wonder if Howl's Moving Castle is the first DWJ book I'd recommend to a Discworld Fan new to DWJ.
Maybe "The Magicians of Caprona"...?

Also, of the books recommended (that I don't know already) I'd be most interested in The Android's Dream - any thoughts on this?


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