[DWJ] 16 Versions of Folktale

Debbie Gascoyne dgascoyne at gmail.com
Thu Mar 23 19:44:45 EDT 2017

Hello, everyone
I wouldn't be surprised if this question has been asked before, so I hope
you'll bear with me, if so, but in the article "Answers to Questions" in
the collection *Reflections on the Magic of Writing*, DWJ mentions reading
a scholarly work that was basically 16 versions of the same Persian
folktale.  Does anyone know, or has anyone ever been able to track down
what that book was?  She mentions the way the story changes from one thing
to another via small changes, and it seems to have influenced her way of
constructing a narrative.

As I may have mentioned, I'm working on a PhD dissertation on DWJs use of
intertextuality, and I would be interested in having a look at that book,
if it's at all possible.



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