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Hi everyone,

Here are my guesses (scroll way down:  trying to avoid spoilers if you haven't already made your guesses!)

This is fun!  


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For various reasons I just had occasion to find out the Japanese titles of DWJ's books. While many mirrored the English titles, or were at least fairly self-explanatory, some were sufficiently different to offer an identification challenge. I've made literal translations of some of the more obscure below (with a few easy ones thrown in the leaven the matter).
Which is which?

Seven magicians: Archer's Goon
If you live with a witch: Black Maria
Who is the wizard?: Dark Lord of Derkholm
To the sacred islands: Islands of Chaldea
The crown beyond time:  Crown of Dalemark
The poet’s journey: cart and Cwidder
Employed at the magical mansion: Conrad's Fate
The ninth year’s magic: Pinhoe Egg
The story of the cursed neck ring:  power of three
Bounders - the world's most evil games:  Homeward Bounders
How many miles to Babylon?:  Deep Secret
The dog who came from the starry sky: Dogsbody
There is a demon on the ground floor! Homeward Bounders
Magic thief
If you follow the silver spiral:  Hexwood 
Legend of the sea-running knight:  Drowned Ammet
Magical journey of the wise lady:  Spellcoats
Flower magic, white dragon:  Merlin Conspiracy

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